Our Values

From the skills our designers and craftsmen use to create our products to the facilities and machinery we work with, we have been extremely fortunate. The principles, values, and traditions we hold dear have been handed down from many generations of hard working farm families whose belief in God and the Judeo-Christian foundation that they represent guided them in their struggles to build a new life after immigrating to the United States. We fully embrace the faith of our fathers and pray that it guides us in the decisions we make as we interact with our clients, outside designers suppliers and employees.

Part of that tradition is the belief that we have a responsibility to use the talents and gifts we have been given to the best of our ability.  We acknowledge and return that gift through serving others. These are the ideals that guide us, and we strive to follow them in our day to day operations.


To provide beautiful wood products that significantly enhance people’s lives through exceptional communication, design, and manufacture.


To be a premier source for exceptional woodwork while collaborating with all stakeholders for mutually beneficial situations that serve the best interests of all. To become a business that gives glory to God to the fullest extent in all our dealings.


·       Honesty and Integrity

·       Quality and Value

·       Best interests of all

·       Ethical

·       Responsible